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Wow.  Over a month since my last post.  Not good.  I apologize and plead an attack of real life, including work deadlines, multiple snowstorms, and other consumers of discretionary time.

Still, I have not been entirely idle.  There has been knitting.  Double knitting, to be precise:


And sewing:


The dog jacket is actually a combo of knitting and sewing, with a polar fleece rectangle being the base of the garment, edged out with a knitted rib collar and chest section, plus a bit of ribbing to gather the hind part somewhat.  If folk are interested, I’ll post a more detailed method description so others can make one, too.

And on to more knitting.  I’m currently working on an Entrelac tunic pullover, from a commercial pattern by Sarah James. This is the second pattern I’ve done by that designer, the first being her Autumn Leaf pullover.  I’m using Noro Taiyo yarn, an Aran weight variegated made in Japan, that has a very improvised and rustic Raku-ware look to it.  The yarn I’ve chosen is slightly heavier than the heavy worsted/Aran weight yarn specified, although they have the same native gauge.  This is not turning out to be a problem for me because I want my finished product to be slightly larger than the larger of the two provided sizes.

At this point I’ve finished the sleeves, the center back panel of Entrelac, and am now on the center front panel.  The construction of this piece is slightly unusual.  First the (mostly) rectangular fancy-work panels are knit, then the interstitial parts making up the sides of the sweater or back of the sleeve are picked up and worked from the rectangles.  These extra bits are done in seed stitch, and are then bound off against another Entrelac panel.  This (plus the Aran weight gauge) makes for quick execution.  I just started on Saturday evening.

entrelac-3-both-sleeves  Both sleeves finished, and

Entrelac-4 The back center panel.

I have not done the ribbing at the cuff because I may want to do all the ribbings in a complementary solid color, possibly charcoal grey, because I am not fond of the stripy/spotty look of variegated in ribbed stitches.

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