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Rick-Rack Mesh Scarf in Berroco Zen

If you’ve ever met me you know I’m absolutely delighted at the prospect of the New Knitter Invasion, but at the same time my eyes are glazing over at all those novelty yarn scarves. I’ve done a few on special request, or as gifts for family and friends – but by and large, I find them pretty but intensely boring (hence my Kombu Scarf pattern).

Still, my pal Pat shop managerat Wild & Woolly in Lexington, MA (my local yarn store) asked me to help her come up with something fun to do with Berroco Zen, a ribbon yarn that’s been overlooked in favor of flashier novelty yarns. I couldn’t say no. (For some reason, Zen is in the yarn review collection twice, so until I get that fixed,there’s another set of reviews here).

Here’s what I came up with:

zen scarf

Here’s the pattern. Eventually I’ll add it to the free pattern pages at wiseNeedle.




Rick-Rack Mesh Scarf in Berroco Zen


1 Skein Berroco Zen or approx. 110 yards (102m) of a similar ribbon yarn
US #10.5 needles

Gauge is difficult to measure, but finished scarf will be about 5 inches wide by about 56 inches long (exclusive of fringe).

Using half-hitch cast on or other stretchy cast-on, cast on 14 stitches. Knit one row.

Follow Rick-Rack stitch pattern until scarf measures approximately 56 inches long.

Rick Rack Stitch:
Row 1: K1 (YO, slip one stitch as if to knit, K1, pass slipped stitch over)6x, K1
Row 2: K1 (YO, slip one stitch as if to purl, P1, pass slipped stitch over)6x, K1


Cut remaining yarn into 18-inch lengths, and attach to ends of scarf as fringe.

2004, Kim Brody Salazar, Not to be duplicated on other websites or in print without permission of the author. Pattern for personal use only. Please contact the author if you wish to make this item up in quantity, even if it is for charitable sale or donation.



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