Lo and behold! Yesterday I write about needle gauges, and today I receive a huge package in the mail from a friend of 20 years ago with whom I have recently reconnected.She sent me a stash of needles, collected over the years by a knitting friend of hers:

As you can see, I’ve used the gauge to sort them. On the right are metal needles in pairs. On the left are plastic, wood, Boye Balene andBakelite(?) straights. The center bottom are metal DPNs, and above are Balene and plastic DPNs. At the top are singlets – still useful but not in official pairs. About half of these needles aren’t of modern regulation size, but instead sit between sizes. I’mdelighted to have these, and intend on bestowing most of the plastic ones to local knitting groups that work with people in elder care homes, and giving away some of the metal ones to people I teach. Please don’t write to me in pursuit of the Bakelite or old Balene needles. Iintend on keeping those. (Hi, Ellen! And thanks again!)

Like QueerJoe, I’m in the What’s-Next doldrums. I’ve also got some Chest of Knitting HorrorsTM abandoned projects to revive, but they’re mostly in the storage cubby. I’m fragmented and unfocused on knitting right now because of the attendant hoopla surrounding the house acquisition/move. Starting the project from the blue Wool Crepe is just too much think-work for me to countenance at the moment.

I do have a quantity of Waterspun in assorted colors. There might be enough of it to do a small poncho for the Kindergartener. Maybe a doodle poncho, inspired by QJ’s Rosemary’s Baby blanket. Or maybe something else in concentric garter stripes, but using some narrow mosaic knitting patterns where the stripes meet.

Oops. I’m back into think mode again….

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