After two weeks of intensive laundry treatment, it appears that the fulled pillow has reached its maximum shrinkage potential. It’s not as small or as tight as I’d hoped (you can still see the ridges), but it’s much softer and about as small as it’s going to get:

The pillow is unstuffed here. I haven’t sewn on the buttons yet – they’re just placed where I intend them to go. Each button unit is made up of a flat ceramic piece with a large center hole, plus a pale yellow plastic button to hold the ceramic in place. The Boston Globe page underneath the pillow is cut about the same size as the pre-washed size of the pillow (actually the pillow was about an inch longer, but I was too lazy to tape a one-inch strip on the end of the newspaper).

One interesting thing to note – the different colors of this yarn did not full evenly. As you can see, the yellow shrank more in both length and width than did the green or blue. I’ve test-stuffed the pillow with an old lumpy form I had in the closet, and the unevenness of the width isn’t as evident as it is when it’s laid out flat and unstuffed as pictured.

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