Not much inspiration yet on the basement spare room. Aside from a general cleaning that can’t happen until the electricians are done with the wires in the ceiling, and the ceiling tiles can go back up, all progress on that project is mental. A chair, a place to put the sewing machine up, and more storage are all great ideas. It’s a bit damp in the basement, so I’m leaning to well-ventilated storage options. I noticed Target has some open wire mesh cubes on special this week.

On Filet of Dragon, here’s the latest progress shot:

Going back and working in the other direction from my cast-on row has created a bit of a fold. You can see it at the left hand edge of the tree behind the knight. It won’t be so evident when the piece is blocked out and stretched on the curtain rods. Other than that – I’m quite pleased with the way my experiment in filet is turning out. Thread consumption to date is in between 1.3 and 1.5 balls of the Coats & Clark Royale 30-weight. At around $3.00 per ball and $1.25 for the crochet hook, this is also turning out to be one of the least expensive projects I’ve done.

On the frame – I’ve got to do a bit of measuring. I think I’m still a bit shy left and right, then I need something to set off the central design and that allows me about a half inch top and bottom for curtain rod space, followed by another half-inch to make sure the curtain rods don’t pull out. Options include some simple geometrics, some text either all the way around, or at the left and right edges (I’d work a sig and date into the text), or another still narrower scrolling pattern that spreads out into a wider one at the sides. More think time is needed…

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