Schoeller-Stahl Big

I know I have a strict no-endorsement policy on wiseNeedle. But this is my blog and I’m totally unpaid in all accounts.

I’m not a big on-line yarn orderer. I’ve got to fondle the stuff myself. However many people have written to me to ask where they can get Big – the yarn that my Firefighters Socks pattern was written for.

Bigwas originallya Stahl yarn, it’s now listed as Schoeller-Stahl, but it looks like the same stuff.Big has beenhard to find. Sohard in fact that I thought it was totally discontinued. Itjust so happens that today it popped up on Elann.com. [More yadda, yadda – no affiliation, etc.] If you’ve been looking for it and your LYS wasn’t able to supply the need, you might consider looking there.

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