Still plugging away on the dragon:

Thanks to my friend Kathryn Goodwyn (who many of you may know from historical needlework mailing lists as Kathryn Newell) I’ve got a couple of ideas on how to do a surrounding border in filet. Unfortunately several of the methods can’t be backwards engineered at this point, but the core concepts are very strong.

One very promising method she sent to me involves working stepwise at the corners, forming a piece mitered more or less on the diagonal. I played with it a bit last night, and found that my rather squished ratio of height to width for my meshes doesn’t behave nicely with the concept. Plus I’d need to rip back the end bits and start them again. More tinkering is in order because this technique has real potential, but I think I’ll settle for butted strips on the top and bottom.

I have to admit, when I started this piece it seemed like a long slog was ahead. While it has taken longer than I anticipated, I’ve enjoyed the processmore than I thought I would (I was rather product-centered at the outcome). I’m definately thinking of doing more with filet – perhaps combining it with knitting into garments.

General Questions:

I know there are knitting purists out there that recoil in horror at the thought of knitting patterns/mags including crochet, let alone combining the two crafts in the same piece. I’m less parochial in my views. Would you be interested in wearable pieces that combine both? I’m talking delicate and fine gauge stuff, as opposed to some granny-square travesties I’ve seen lately.

With all the blather about quick-to-knit and one weekend pieces, is there interest infiner gauge, greater effort projects? Or is everyone interested in producinghats, scarves,or felted bags that can be finished before the credit card bill carrying the yarn charge arrives? Is thecohort of new and returning knittersthat started with those projects ready to "graduate" to larger efforts?

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