It’s hot and I’m melting. I’m glad I’m working with cotton on my filet project, as the thought of even the lightest, smallest woolen project in 90-degree F humidity makes me twitch. Work continues on several fronts. I’ll have more Dragon postings tomorrow or Tuesday.

Lightning Strikes

Right now though, I’m busy writing up the Summer Lightning lace scarf pattern for inclusion on wiseNeedle. Here it is again:

If I miss an odd day or two here and there on the blog, it will be because my web-time quota is being used up drafting out this pattern. I’ll post again when it goes "prime time." Once it’s up, I’ll enjoy hearing from people who try it.

Since I’m (obviously) not in this for the massive bucks,readingabout the fun people have with my stuff is my prime reward.Seeing pix of it is even morenifty.I was ultra tickled to see this hat adapted from Knot a Hat by Australia’s ZenKnits, back in June. There’s a nifty armwarmer on I’d Rather be Knitting, also back in June that used the doodle cable I posted here on String. I’ve also heard from a couple of people who have used the Mountain Laurel counterpane pattern and my various sock patterns. In fact, if you’ve knit something from one of my designs I’d be delighted to show off your work. Feel free to write to meso we can discuss file formats and the like.

Eye Candy

In the general eye candy department, I stumbled across this knitted pin ball. It’s an egg-shaped pincushion, knit in silk and dated 1801. It’s offered for sale by an antiques dealer specializing in samplers. Given the excellent condition I’m not surprised at the high price, but it makes me wonder. Did Elizabeth Searle ever envision her humble gift of friendship lasting out the years? 200 years from now will any of our works be offered up to avid collectors?

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