Still not enough progress on Dragon to make an interesting photo, so I’ll answer questions from my inbox instead:

What yarn did you use for the Spring Lightning scarf?

I usedGreenwood Hill Farm 2-Ply Lace Weight Merino. Greenwood Hill is a small sheep to skein outfit based in western Massachusetts. The yarn is a light, airy handspun that’s much loftier than Skacel’s Merino Lace or the Suri Alpaca laceweight I used for the Forest Path stole. It’s more like an etherial and soft fingering, with some thick and thin bits. I got this stuff at Greenwood Hill’s booth attheannual Sheepshearing Festival at Gore Place, andhand-selected the most uniform of the skeins available for this project. They also maintain a website.

Come on. The disappearing sock thing. Did it really happen?

Yes. I’ve got several suspects in mind for who is responsible for the anonymous return, but I’d rather leave the thing a mystery. It’s a better story that way. And in a corrolary – even though socks and a Massachusetts house built in the teens are involved, I think it’s stretching it to say that my mystery has any talismanic significance fora Red Sox victory.

Does the Flame Tamer work?

To a limited extent, yes. It does allow for a slowerboil than does cooking over an unbated burner. Can I get to a true barely bubbling simmer? Not quite. Thick beans and stews need careful watching,and are better offcooking in a covered iron pot placed in a very slowoven. Reheating though is less of an iffy proposition using my new gizmo.

Would I like to trade photocopies of the IK magazines for photocopies of some other pattern/mag?

Not on your life. My offer isto trade theoriginal magazines, not some pirated duplicates.

This is an issue about which I feel most strongly. Pattern and magazine sharing have killed publishing and innovation in several popular needlecrafts. So far on-line knitters as a group have taken the high road and have established a culture that discourages piracy. Crocheters and especially cross stitchers, needlepointers and people who do plastic canvas work have not been spared the effects of unauthorized copying. Witness the comparative dearth of new stuff published in each of those crafts. One would think that with knitting in the ascendency, crochet wouldn’t be that far behind, but I believe the lag time is in part a response to the vast amount of stolen material available on the web. Publishers just don’t believe they can make money in that market, so they’ve been slow to return to it.

Upshot of it all. I don’t steal and I have absolutely no respect for those who do.

I created this logo for a group of concerned people headed by Linn Skinner. She (and the committee) went to extraordinary lengths to bring this issue to the attention of the needlework publishing industry early on. Unfortunately lack of resourcesindustry-wide coupled with with burdgeoning technologies and the immense size of the problem have hampered prosecutions. But that’s "hampered" not "eliminated." I for one report any serial/habitual infringers I find to the copyright owners. And I don’t always travel under my familiar on-line identities. Beware.

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