I’d mentioned knitting the 42-stitch hats earlier. I’ve got them, they’re cute, but I thought they needed a certain something to make them truly special. I’ve got six now, two each of red, purple, and blue because each skein of Brown Sheep Burly Spun makes two hats with a tad left over. So I went looking for inspiration in several spots that have trims, embellishments and the like.

Of course I checked out Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments and her new Knitting on the Edge. I won’t be buying On The Edge, too much duplicates the KE book already on my shelf, plus I have most of the sources she drew upon, so there’s very little there new to me. Nice photos, though. Useful if your library isn’t as out of control as mine, or if visual inspiration is key to your thought process.

I also looked through Thomas’ Knitting Book to check out picot point knitting, and a couple of other books that had tassels or other freeform motifs. I even dipped into my crochet resources, but crochet in finger-wide bulky yarn looks ridiculous to me. I tried out several knit flower and leaf type motifs, but nothing quite hit the spot as being bold enough for the ultra-bulky hat.

Then while taking my daily blogstroll, in a fit of serendipity, I hit on Nanette’s Knitting in Color (she of the stranded colorwork book and bunny haven). There she’d posted some directions for knitted stars, worked from the outside edge in. Even in supergiant yarn with a distinctly ruffled look her stars are perfect for my hats!

I played with them a bit, working them up in the round instead of flat to spare myself the joy of a purl side double decrease and a seam, and using a double decrease that leaves the centermost stitch on top. (This first pilot star was done with the decreases as described in the original directions). I had just enough left over from each skein of my Burly Spun to make two stars, plus have a bit extra for sewing and surface embroidery.

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