More holiday gift socks. Nothing special, nothing exciting (and nothing learned).

I knit these last night from Schoeller+Stahl’s 6-ply version of Fortissima Colori/Socka Color. It’s a smidge lighter than DK weight. I’ve added into on the length of its color cycle to the striper repeat chart I posted earlier. All in all a very quick and satisfying pair. A bit heavy for my own sock wearing preferences (I prefer 4-ply regular sock weight yarn knit at tiny gauges), but nice none the less. Another blurry photo:

I find it easier to knit self-stripers when I’m watching TV or a computer game. Otherwise I’m tempted to watch my fingers and micro-adjust my tension to modify the striping effect. That never quite works out right. So I save this type of autopilot knitting for when I’m otherwise distracted.


I’ve gotten some good-natured ribbing back on the cookies. For the record, I’m no domestic diva. Martha Stewart makes me think of those Victorian women’s magazines, filled with advice on decorating a status-conscious parlor, complete with directions for crocheted chair leg cozies and decorated cardboard toothpick holders. Then I shudder.

I’m more of a tallish, glasses-wearing, workbooted, aging grrlnerd with a weakness for needlework, history, books and good food. Not necessarily in that order.

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