Here’s about 11 inches or so of Rogue. In the continuing cascade of mods made necessary by my shifting to a thinner yarn and smaller gauge, I’ve worked six of the side cable repeats before branching back to complete the side panel chart. No problem there.

I do note however that as expected – this is going to be a weighty object in cotton. Cotton weighs more per yard than wool. 50 grams of cotton yarn will contain fewer yards than 50 grams of a comparable thickness wool. So far I’ve used about 300 grams of cotton. That’s roughly 2/3 of a pound. My finished piece may end up weighing as much as 2 or 3 pounds!

Useful tools and toys:

I’ve gotten quite a few notes lately asking for help with metric conversions, needle sizes, fabric care, garment sizes and yarn weights; confusion about how to figure out repeats given a set stitch count; and requests for descriptions of basic knitting techniques. Here’s a raft of tools that I find useful for these purposes, plus some other useful or interesting (or amusing) things tossed in.

Knitting needle size equivalencies (FiberGypsy):

Metric/Imperial unit conversion calculators:

Factor generators (good for finding possible pattern repeats from a stitch count total)

Descriptions of the count (X/X) systems of yarn weight and yardage used by machine knitters:

How-to videos or animations showing basic knitting techiques:

Tutorial on reading lace knitting charts (Heirloom Knitting):

Fabric care label symbols:

Heel stitch count chart (dead link retrieved using Wayback Machine)

Garment size charts:

Sock size survey results:

Jaya’s round-up of knitting software availble for Palm handhelds:

Back neck shaping for the Math-Aware:



Assorted esoteric Google time-wasters (Google Blogoscoped):

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