I continue to plug away at Rogue. I haven’t had much free time to knit lately, so I’m not zipping along as others might. The latest modification I’ve made has had to do with the smaller gauge of my chosen yarn, plus the texture pattern I’m using.

After getting to Direction #5 (split for back), it was obvious that I had more stitches than the pattern calls for. No surprise there. I cast on more than required (that gauge thing again). So I adjusted the number to be decreased. I’ve got more stitches than are called for even for the largest size, but my back armhole decreases are proportional to the original. I’m now in the work even for 38 or so rows. I’m upping that to 40 because it takes me to the beginning of my next repeat.

I can see that the step after this is going to be especially problematic. Rogue forms its shoulder decreases using short rows. A very clever technique. I’m not quite sure how or even if I will be able to integrate the short row shaping with my texture pattern. I may have to un-engineer that particular bit of cleverness, graphing out the shape of the decreases and moving them back to the ends of the rows. More on this after another two or so inches of work.

You are looking at the back of the piece, folded along the nifty side cables. You can see somewhat of the shaping made by the cables; the bound off underarm; the decreases that form the bottom of the armscye; and part of the work flat bit just before the shoulder shaping. Things look a bit curly because I’m a lousy photographer, and didn’t pin this piece out before attempting the shot.

Several people have written to ask me to go back to Webs with them. While it might be fun, I’m afraid I’m rather short of time, plus my yarn budget and available storage space are now stretched to the max. Please note I wasn’t theinstigator of this trip. I was pulled along not-so-reluctantly by the other members of an informal (and anonymous)Tuesday knitting group. They were kind enough to adopt me earlier this year, and I’ve had great fun watching their projects grow.

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