As predicted, in those half-sentient moments between putting down the book, taking off the glasses, turning off the light and finally falling asleep all became crystal clear. I am not really sure what my problem was with the first few rows of the hood surround, but it’s fixed now. I’m busily bumbling along, about two inches into the chart. Perhaps was brain dearth brought about by lingering flu. Perhaps it was too much stress-itis. Or perhaps it was a touch of seasonal stupidity. Whatever it was, all is humming now, although I might rip back one last time because I’m not too happy with the look of some of the earliest increases. But that’s another story of another disorder.

While I await enough Rogue progress to make an interesting photograph, I present an odd little chance acquisition. I’ve written about Balich’s before. It’s an artifact from another time – an old fashioned general merchandise store several blocks from my house. They stock piles of inexpensive things you didn’t know you could live without, all tumbled together with minimal regard for organization. They happen to have a stock of Boye knitting needles and crochet hooks, plus Red Heart yarn, some crochet thread and vintage 1960s pattern leaflets. (Want a truly authentic ’60s era crocheted poncho? This is the place to find the original instructions.)

I went in to get some keys made, and while I was there I leafed through the pile of dusty patterns. There in the middle of the stack I found one and only one of these:

What is this?

It’s a 78-page yarn yardage/gauge comparison chart in purse-size format, put out by Northern Needlecraft, copyright 1980. It’s divided by yarn weight, and presents info for about 1,000+ or so yarns current in (and discontinued by) 1980. While some of the more widely distributed products by still extant or recently deceased/merged/otherwise gone yarn makers are also present in Valuable Yarn Guide, many of the yarns and makers in this little booklet aren’t. Even more interesting, for some yarns it offers up multiple gauges. Already it has come in handy, helping me decipher a vintage pattern calling for Columbia Minerva Calibar. Which turns out to be a 100% wool bulky, knitting at 16 st = 4 inches on US #10s, 2 oz., 75 yards.

A fantastic find! Especially for the princely sum of $1.25.

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