As promised, here’s a picture. I’m working it on one too-small in diameter US #5 circular needle. The fine yarn and airiness of the relatively large stitches make it easy to cram all the stitches onto the needles – hence the odd looking snood-like object below:

Not having my needle cache at my disposal, I started this piece with two #5 circs borrowed from my mother. I used them in the same manner as working socks on two circs until the piece got large enough, then transferred it to one circ. I’ll probably go back and use two (or possibly four) circs later in production as it grows even bigger.

In the mean time, you can see the center of the piece, the four radiating lines of YO, K1, YO, plus some of the flower-shaped eyelet sets. You can also see the play of color in my berry-hued hand-dyed better than in the jumble produced by the same yarn used for the Birds Eye pattern:

This piece is going much quicker than Birds Eye. For starters, as a true lace texture design there’s something happening on every row of that pattern. The Paisley is lacy knitting rather than lace knitting, in that every other row is worked without increases or decreases. In this case, they are done in purl to yield the garter stitch texture.

So far the Paisley has been quite easy to follow. The flower eyelet area is a repeat with only four simple rows to memorize (the other four being purls). The large size #5 needles make the work grow especially quickly. So far I’ve found no problems with the pattern, although I admit I started it slightly differently than described. Instead of the crochet cast-on in the directions, I used an I-cord beginning (one row of four-stitch I-cord, one row of K1, YO, one row of all knits, then plunge into the pattern from the point where it begins with 8 stitches total). I did this because my mom didn’t have any crochet hooks of suitable size. I am finding that Paisley is also more economical in terms of yarn consumption than was Birds Eye. At the progress points shown in the photos, both shawls have consumed roughly the same amount of yarn. The Paisley is a square approximatley 26 inches across (without stretching or blocking); the Birds Eye was a triangle measuring about 12 inches from the bottom point to the needles. I didn’t measure how wide it was though.

Because it’s been such easy sailing so far (even with my variant cast-on), I’d recommend this pattern to people who are looking for a center-out lace shawl pattern – even for a first lacy project, provided they feel comfortable knitting from charts. Also because it’s going so quickly, I’ll probably finish this piece off before returning to Rogue.

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