I have now survived my week from hell, managed to recuperate (somewhat); and we have returned the house to something resembling order. It’s not a very close resemblance, as this family’s housekeeping skill set is rather deficient, but horizontal surfaces can now be seen, laundry is no longer threatening to avalanche, and a machete is no longer needed to find the front door.

Add to that some progress on my counterpane:

As you can see, I’ve finished the first meta-motif, including seaming in the corner triangles. It’s a bit smaller than my original estimate, but not by much. Plus it will be stretched a bit not only in the blocking, but also by the natural tension of the surrounding motifs once it is in place. One thing I’m pleased with is the lack of cupping in the center hex. Too tight blocking plus that extra seam between the bottom of the squares and the sides of the hex constrained the stretch of the thing the last time around. Working the squares directly onto live stitches around the hex appears to have eliminated that problem.

Now there’s a new thing to consider. I’ve got a dodecagon (a twelve sided figure) here. Right now the triangle units are knit base to tip. But if I figure out a way to flip the design over, it’s conceivable that I could translate the thing into a tip-out piece. AND if I can do that, it’s possible for me to add those units to the squares, already worked center out, and instead of a bunch of smaller seamed pieces, produce the twelve sided meta-unit as a single piece.

Food for thought here…

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