More bits and pieces are accumulating. You can see I’m more than
half way done with the second meta-motif. I’ve got two triangles
to sew on (I don’t actually do the stitching until the squares on both
sides of a triangle are complete.

In this photo you can better see what the motifs look like
individually. The center hex is pretty straightforward. The
is knit base to tip. The tip’s center is a textured stitch.
square (shown attached to the center hex at the bottom right) also
features the same textured area in the parallelograms that flank its
center spine. When the motifs are placed together, these textured
areas join up to make the star-shaped framing device that surrounds the
center hex’s flower.

Unfortunately this sort of project isn’t very good for blog progress
reporting. From here on in it’s going to be more photos of
exactly the same thing, done again and again and again and again.
You get the idea. I’ll probably mark the completion of each
meta-unit, and show a couple more photos of significant milestones –
like joining the motifs using the plain triangles I wrote about last
week, but I’ll try to avoid boring everyone with needless
repetition. Which means I’ll have to think up something else to
write about.

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