I came across this on an Adidas shoe box, and thought it might be of
interest to sock knitters, especially those knitting socks as gifts
knowing nothing but foot sizes. It’s a chart showing adult men’s and
women’s shoe sizes in the US, the UK, France, and Japan. I’ve added the
red line to show my own giant size – US Women’s 10.5 (Euro 43, if such
a beast exists).

by the official centimeter length my giant size works out to a squidge
over 28.5 cm. I find my own wool and wool blend socks fit best if they
are about 25-27 cm when measured from heel to the tip of the toe:
stretchier, finer yarns at the smaller end, less stretchy or heavier
yarn at the top end. The one pair of cotton socks I made was about 27.5
cm, to allow for that yarn’s lack of stretch.

Why do I make my
socks shorter than my actual foot length? If your feet feel like
they’re swimming in your socks, your socks are too big. Socks NEED to
stretch just a bit for optimal fit. Otherwise one gets bunching and
foot blisters where the fabric accumulates in folds inside the shoes.
Too big socks also wear out faster. All that sliding and rubbing
oversize socks do inside shoes translates to extra friction, and
friction is a sock-killer.

Click on image above for full size chart

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