I was busy this weekend past.

I worked out the plain triangle and made two. Both are sewn into the
growing group. One is indicated by the arrow. I do have a bit of a
scrunch problem, but probably not so much that it can’t be ignored.
The sides of my triangle are less tall than its base is wide.
Therefore, when I’m sewing the bases of the patterned triangles onto
the sides of the plain one, I have to squish them up a bit. You can see the slight rumples that result.

I do however like the way the points of the stars align. While
the orientation I tried last time had more movement in it, because the
stars were offset, this one will have less background area.

For those who have asked how I add arrows or other annotations to my
photos – I use Macromedia Fireworks to slim, retouch, or otherwise
manage my images. I cheat – the arrows are Wingding font
"letters" added with the text tool.

Shoe size chart

Some people have pointed out that their European shoe sizes are off a
bit from the chart shown yesterday. Mostly at the upper
end. The chart’s represented equivalent for US shoe sizes Women’s
9 and above seems to work out one unit larger than people are
reporting. So a 10.5 would be closer to a 42 than a
43. Grains of salt are advised.

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