Still plugging along on the counterpane, at the approximate rate of one
meta-motif per week. Week seven ends with this accumulation,
shown on the top of the bed that it will (eventually) grace:

As you can see in spite of having completed one circuit, there’s still a long way to go:

I still stick by my estimate of approximately 26 motifs (plus half
motifs) to get good coverage for my queen-size bed. I might take
a break this week though and use my knit-time to tend the ever growing
forest of ends. That’s 36 ends per meta-motif. Plus 12 more
for the solid triangles shown above. Plus two more from finding
and cutting a knot out of my yarn. So I’ve already got about 50
ends to deal with in the fragment shown above. Which should keep
me busy for a bit…

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