I’ve finished the knitting on my Mystery Project. I fear I will
miss the extended deadline, though. This will be the first deadline
I’ve defaulted on in my knitting and I’m disgusted with myself over
it. I didn’t count on some personal stuff getting in the way, or
in three high intensity weeks at work. Family and earning a living
do come first.

In any case – I’ve got one shot to do this; to take the knitting, full
it, and finish the project. I will sew the piece together
partially before fulling. I’m afraid to join segments where a
horizontally knit section meets a vertically knit one. Row and
stitch count shrink at different rates. Something that’s smoothly
sewn now will end up a rumpled mess after fulling. So instead,
I’ll sew the seams that butt up pieces knit in the same orientation
before fulling, and the other seams after fulling. Then do the
embroidery (which I haven’t designed yet.)

I’ll set a wash going before I leave for work today, and do the first
dry when I come home. If sufficient fulling isn’t achieved (and I
bet it won’t be based on previous experience), I’ll run the thing
through again tonight, or do some hand fulling. With tons of luck
I’ll be able to finish the piece tonight. And if I’m even luckier
than that, I’ll be able to figure out a way to turn it in to meet the
photo shoot deadline tomorrow.


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