A person left a comment on one of the counterpane pages here, asking
for help identifying the technique or stitches used in blanket she
owns. She neglected to leave an eMail address. I’d be interested in
seeing a photo and possibly posting it here for discussion, but without
contact info not much can be done.

Yes, in the midst of all the
charting stuff I was knitting. I finished up the Harvey Kombu, and I
did a pair of plain toe-up socks from Lana Gross Meilenweit. I’m not
sure which color variety it is, as I lost the label in an airport. It’s
not Fantasy, the repeat is too short. It’ s not Multieffect, or
any of the MultiRingel colors, either. It’s possible it was part
of last winter’s Jacquard color crop.

You’ll notice ends dangling off both pieces. I really can’t say
why I do this (perhaps it’s a personal superstition, perhaps it’s a
reminder not to use the item myself), but when I make gifts in advance,
I don’t darn in the final ends until I have decided whom the recipient
will be. I’m not quite sure who will be receiving these, so the
ends are still there. Go figure.

The socks were done on US #0s (2mm) needles – 72 stitches around.
That makes them rather large in gauge for me. I used the standard
figure-8 toe and short-row heel I use in all the sock patterns on the wiseNeedle pattern page.
Nothing fancy here, just miles and miles of plain old stockinette,
finished off with a K2P2 ribbing at the top. The pattern for the
Kombu scarf is also there. In this case, I used a US #6 (4mm),
and used just under two full balls of my ancient stash-aged Lang Harvey yarn.

Finally, one other person asked about how I construct my charts.
As I’ve described at length before, I use Microsoft Visio. I’m sharing my Visio stencils. If you’ve tried graphing knitting or stitching patterns using them and have feedback or questions, please let me know.

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