Sometimes having lots of dribs and drabs in one’s stash can lead to some strange picks as projects and available yarns are aligned.  This week’s projects are case in point proof. 

Knitterguy asks why on earth one would want to knit an acrylic/cotton blend scarf.  I agree with him.  Those fibers are far from warm and cozy, and there are lots of better choices for a warm neck wrap.  In this case i plead a confluence of several factors:

  • The screaming yellow color.  The crossing guard in question will appreciate it.
  • Having the yarn on hand
  • The target recipient’s frequently repeated statements that she can’t wear wool

Now I don’t want to start the whole, "but of course she can" or the old warhorse perceived allergies vs. real allergies debates.  I take her words at face value.  She doesn’t want anything made of wool.  She gets a nice, bright scarf in a color she favors and fiber type she believes is best for her, and I find an appreciative home for yarn I’ve held on to for upwards of ten years.  But if I were knitting this for me, I’d be looking into a supersoft merino, or cashmere/merino blend for sure.

Next up appears to be a pair of flip-top mittens.  I’d like to make something for a friend who has a predeliction for outdoor activities in the winter that occasionally require the use of bare fingers.  A pair of these should be perfect.  I note the presence of lots of free patterns on the web (convertible mittens, work mittens, two-way mittens, urban coping mechanism mittens I and urban coping mechanism II) plus several well regarded for-pay patterns (Pop-Up Paws, and Patons.)  But in true String-or-Nothing tradition, I plan to leap off the cliff and improvise something on my own.  I’ll probably start by looking over what’s out there, then messing about with the concept.  Not sure if I’ll do a fingerless glove surmounted by removable finger end cap, or if I’ll do a fingerless mitten.  I suspect the former will stay in place better, while the latter will be quicker to make. 

As to what yarn to use – I’m not sure yet.  This particular target recipient has an interest in historical things, so I may look at some of the more rustic looking 100% wools I have.  For example, I’ve got some leftovers of Cestari light fingering weight 100% wool singles in both white and heathered barn red.  I could combine the two into a Ragg-style looking DK equivalent.  Hmm….

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