My convertible mittens are done.  I have to admit, the joy of ending off ten fingers wasn’t a pleasure of the ages – but they’re finished.

The rustic wool I used for these isn’t as soft and non-itchy as I would have preferred, but in this case the intended use trumps that problem.  It’s my understanding that the recipient would be wearing ultrathin silk gloves inside these.  Liners do away with itch.

If I were to make another pair of these mittens, I’d probably use a shaped thumb gusset instead of the afterthought thumb.  While these do fit nicely, I find a shaped thumb area to be more comfortable.  Award to recipient is this afternoon.  I’m sure he’ll be pleased.

Next up in the gift parade is problematic.  I had a Very Strong Hint shared with me yesterday.  I don’t have the special materials on hand, so compliance will entail a lunch-time raid on my LYS.  Now not everyone around me can get goodies just by idle hint.  Hints must be 1) shared innocently, with little expectation that they will lead to the desired object; and 2) must be given by the deserving, and I get to decide who’s deserving.  If I didn’t impose limits, I’d be chest deep in special requests.

Other items on parade include another pair of socks (probably not going to happen), and some ear warmers and hats.  Plus some additional crocheted snowflakes for the tree.  We’ll see what further stash excavation expeditions unearth.

Cookie report: 
Rum balls this year turned into Scotch balls, as a last minute dearth of rum foiled my original plans.  I’ve used bourbon before, but found the result too strong, so we’ll see how this year’s crop mellows.  Peanut butter cookies are also finished.  I’m happy to say that the spice cookies turned out exceptionally well.  Thin, light, and gently spiced.  A delicate cookie compared to many heavier riffs on the spice cookie theme. 

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