I know there are folks who are looking for my book on embroidery.  Every now and again a copy or two surfaces in Albuquerque, where the fly-by-night publisher was.  Always at the same bookseller.  It looks like that same bookseller has "found" a couple more copies.   I get nothing from these sales, but I do know that people are rabid to lay hands on the thing.   Even if this sale is closed by the time you get there, keep an eye on these people because if more copies resurface anywhere, it will probably be with them.

Please note that I have no affiliation with the seller.  In fact on my previous attempts to contact them, they told me that I was dead (which was news to me); and rebuffed my request for the publisher’s last known address. 

My thanks to embroidery pal Mistress Karen Larsdatter for spotting the sale notice!

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