Surprised to see this here? Don’t be!

We’re taking the wraps off our newest set of projects: porting over my whole String or Nothing blog over here; making various deep infrastructure changes to improve wiseNeedle’s base performance; spiffing up wiseNeedle’s overall look and feel; starting a knitting and embroidery Wiki; and even adding a new lace scarf knitting pattern for all to enjoy.

We’re not quite done. We’ve got some buffing up to do – some odd formatting to fix (most notably in the new scarf pattern); some recent String posts to copy over by hand; some links that need repair; and (a big undertaking) putting the flesh-and-bones on the wiki.

In the mean time, take a stroll through and see what’s here. After all, we don’t do a major overhaul very often. Only about every four years, whether we need it or not.

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