[Repost of material originally appearing 14 August 2006]

I don’t know if anyone else has “doily emergencies.” but I do. Here’s the problem scenario. Cozy library/TV room, comfy chairs, optimally placed small table just big enough for a wine bottle and two glasses (and a remote or two). But I don’t want to drip all over the new small table.


I suppose I could haul out coasters or adapt one of the dining room placemats. But why overlook a perfectly good opportunity for the application of knitting. So it’s off to the stash to get my massive amount of red lace-weight, left over from Alcazar (rayon but borderline washable and expendable), then hunt down one of Nurhanne’s translations of a traditional Danish doily. Yes, I know. It’s red, not the classic white. But hey. Red won’t show wine spills as quickly.

I end up here. Then cast on and knit a bit. Here’s the result. I’m somewhere north of a third of the way through the rows, on Round 37:


I’ve finished the center star and am at the beginning of the tulip-like shapes that surround it. My piece is about 6 inches across. I chose this particular pattern because there are several good stopping points from a design perspective. I needn’t finish it all the way to the end if my piece is sufficiently wide before then. So far Nurhanne’s translation is spot on. No problems at all.

Still, for domestic consumption, this piece is filed under the category “placemat” not “doily.” It seems less …prissy.

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  1. Beautiful! I think the red ensures it won’t be prissy.

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