I sheepishly admit I whined in public and was so pitiful that someone took pity on me.

I’ve mentioned here many times that I am probably the last person on earth who enjoys using DPNs, and adores the extra-long DPNs more commonly found overseas than here in the US. The whining was that extra-long DPNs are hard to find here. Judith from the UK had a stash of them, collected over many years of happy knitting. She recently moved over to circs, and her collection of long DPNs languished. So she packed them up and sent them to me!


Here you see her collection, ranging from 4 to 6.5mm (US#6 to #10.5), displayed on the converted-from-jeans denim skirt I’m sewing with and for my daughter. Since no good deed should go unpunished, a suitably splendid gift in return is being boxed up for shipment back to Judith. Ten thousand thanks to her again. I’ll have lots of fun with my new needle library!

On the skirt, who knew they’d come back into style? I wore them in the mid-1970s, and made dozens for my friends. I even have a bit of blurry, faded photographic proof from that era (let’s just say my lack of camera skills runs in my family):


Now I find my skills are in demand again as converted skirts seem to be the rage with my daughter and her set. Even though it’s not knitting, if anyone is interested, I’ll diagram out how to go about doing it. With the top, and jean jacket I described before, the ensemble reaches counterculture nostalgia critical mass, just in time for cold weather.

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  1. So glad that you love the needles. I hope to see them being used!

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