Another reason we moved String over here to wiseNeedle was to help me stay focused on wiseNeedle maintenance. I’ve spent my discretionary blogging time this morning answering wiseNeedle advice board queries, so I feel minorly useful so far today. Again apologies to those who have been waiting for answers – questions were stuck in a morass of spam that was jamming our to-be-processed box. We’ve winkled them out and all have been posted. But not are all visible.

One advice board feature people may not know about is that readers can rate answers (anonymously, of course). Questions remain on the open list until the aggregate score of all accumulated answers is high enough that we are reasonably satisfied that the question has been answered. So even if you aren’t intending on providing answers yourself, feel free to go over and review what has been posted. More unanswered queries lurk below the ones that have been addressed, but won’t be visible until items above them in the Open Questions queue are judged adequate.

Oh. And if you want to answer queries, please know that your assistance is greatly valued, not only by the original posters of questions but by everyone in the future who may search the collection looking for similar advice. Plus we remain open for new questions. Feel free to send them in, too.

On the knitting front, I didn’t get to do the grafting on the big red doily last night. My assistant photographer in residence had too much homework to help out, and barring growth of two more hands I can’t manage a camera and grafting at the same time all by myself. I did do some swatching for the Print o’ Wave scarf,. I am narrowing in on my chosen needle size for full implementation, but have no actual product to show off yet.

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