Well, it’s obvious that talking about wiseNeedle is a sure-fire way to keep people away from this blog, so I’ll give the topic a rest. Back to knitting.

I’m swamped again at work so discretionary knit time is at a premium, but I did manage to cast on for a Print o’ The Wave scarf. The body pattern is relatively simple – a 12 row 16 stitch repeat, with half-drop symmetry. That means there’s only three substantive rows to memorize, plus the fact that after three rows they’re repeated with an 8 stitch offset. I’m not sure whether or not I’ll bother with the author’s specifications for grafting two pieces together in the middle thing to make the two ends symmetrical. Perhaps instead I’ll just pick up stitches and work out in the other direction. Or maybe I’ll just keep going. It depends on how mindless everything end up being and how bored I get without other sections or pattern changes to look forward to.


The yarn is a nameless lace-weight linen I bought aeons ago at a Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. You can see some of the texturing it has if you click on the thumbnail above to pull up the larger image. No stretch in the stuff of course, which will make blocking interesting, but it’s butter soft. I’d estimate that it’s about 15 inches across with minimal on-needle smoothing out.

I have to admit that one of the reasons I like complex lace knitting is that there’s always something interesting and new happening. It’s fun to watch the pattern build row by row, accumulating each new texture and design. This scarf by contrast is a long strip of a single stitch pattern. We’ll see how I as a knitter with the attention span of a mayfly handle this challenge to perseverance.

On the domestic front, my Heirloom Knitting book is still AWOL and I’m at sixes and sevens over it. I wish I could blame Franklin’s Delores, but she was no where near Boston during the week it disappeared. Besides, she’s not my hallucination. I’ll have to get both more creative and entertaining before I come up with an excuse half as amusingly incorrigible.

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