It was cookie time here again at String Central. School Bake Sale season is upon us. I know there are some readers here from outside the US and Canada who may not have run into this custom before, so in the interest of sharing the joy, I share the joy. (I do hear that the UK shares this particular custom, too although it’s more centered around church groups doing good works than it is civic groups and schools.)

On election day most polling places in the US are in public buildings – very often county, town, or city-run schools. School parent committees see all that foot traffic as opportunity, so on most election days they mobilize as many parents as possible to make edible goodies to sell as fund raisers – always with some lofty goal or another. Send the band to the regional competition; refurbish worn-out playground equipment; send supplies to a sister school in a disadvantaged area; buy books for the library, a van to transport special needs children, robes for the choir, violins for the orchestra, or uniforms for the sports teams- the list is endless and every cause is deserving.

Most often it’s hapless non-baker moms who are dragooned, and interminable plates of cake mix brownies and slice-to-bake chocolate chip cookies are prepared by those with generous hearts and more volunteer spirit than time or baking knowledge to spare. Zucchini (vegetable marrow) season is especially feared because of the flood of zucchini breads and muffins that overflow the sale tables. I don’t think there’s a parent of a school age child in the US who has not heard “Oh, and we need to bring something to school today for the bake sale” ten minutes before the bell rings. You can find those parents buying cupcakes at supermarket bakeries on most bake sale mornings.

Needless to say, it’s local/state election day tomorrow and the clarion call for cookies has been made. This time around I made icebox cookies: half and halfs – chocolate and cinnamon. Seven dozen. On a work night. Thankfully I had advance warning and mixed the dough and refrigerated it on Saturday. Which explains in part why time was at a premium this weekend past. Even so, I’m cookied out.

Knitting? Yes I did some of that, too. As you can see, my Wave scarf grows:


Working with this linen of forgotten provenance is interesting. It’s relatively soft – no sharp bits of cuticle like some linens I’ve used. There are some fluffy slub like areas, and some places where the stuff is sewing thread fine. I am not having any problems working the lace pattern in it, and the result is surprisingly soft for something as slash-your-fingers-before-breaking durable as the the yarn actually is. I’ve got a ton of it. My foot or so of lace has made no discernible dent in the ball.

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  1. I’ve never run into the election day bake sales whenever my polling place has been in a school. Sounds like our local schools are missing a fund raising opportunity!

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