As you can see, I’m making progress on my Print of the Wave scarf/stole thing. It’s roughly 24 inches long. I figure I’m a tad under half-way home.


I am now contemplating whether or not I want to do the center back graft thing recommended by the author. The advantage is that the highly directional orientation of this texture design would then present the same way on both ends when worn.


They’d match, with the vine-like bits growing up from the each end. On the other hand, there would be a noticeable seam across the center back – another area of visual focus.

And the jury is still out on how to edge the piece. Part of me says that working the narrow complementary edging specified in the pattern would be quick and easy. And part of me says “Easy. Heck. Just think of the challenge of edging the thing with an 8-inch wide mitered border using at least three different stitch designs and THEN putting on an edging.” We’ll see which one prevails – sense or the lack thereof.

As an aside – if you’ve had problems with sporadic access to this site or leaving comments here, please send me a note at admin [at] wiseneedle [dot] com. I know that moving is disruptive and that when you move part of the audience is lost, but the silence here is deafening. Of course shouting out “Where did everyone go?” in an empty field is an exercise in absurdity. Sort of like thinking about adding a complex 8-inch border to what amounts to a spur of the moment knitting doodle. In any case, a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year to all!

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  1. I’m still reading you faithfully.

    I say it’s a doodle, play with it–I’d totally go for the 8" border and then the edging! I’m currently trying to figure out what edging to use on my round shawl-in-progress, since I have absolutely no desire to do the crocheted-loop thingy it calls for.

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