I am still mid-frazzle with work deadlines, and will be so for the bulk of the coming weekend. I have to say I came home last night too tired to knit, or even think about knitting. I have a pile of stuff that needs doing, but no get up and go to get up and get done.

For example, I have to finish off my Wave scarf. I’m up to the point where the ends of the edging need to be grafted together, and the hole that developed just after the start pf the edging where my yarn broke needs to be mended. I’ve got the Spanish Hat to plot out. Another table is in need of a protective runner. There are holiday socks to be started. I do have a head start on some gift knitting this year, with several scarves and sock pairs knit in idle moments lagered away against need.

There are also some long-standing residents of my Chest of Knitting Horrors(tm). Halloween arrives each and I feel them haunting me. I generally try to finish off at least one in November/December. In particular this year is the Rogue pullover in the dragon skin texture stitch pattern I started for Elder Daughter. That has had its front partially unraveled in a knitting accident (comic but annoying in retrospect). I need to figure out what the heck I was doing, rip back to a stable point and move forward.

And then there are the various other stitching projects I’ve been thinking of lately, curtains and the like for the house. Plus the figuring out what enlightening or entertaining knit-related articles I should be posting here, and working on the wiki (which is languishing as well for want of time.)

But I’m too harried right now to do much more than think of this pile of what is supposed to be fun work with anything else besides a lingering and wistful guilt. So apologies here. No enlightenment, no entertainment. Just a whiny blogger’s typical post full of self-indulgent sighing.

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  1. We love you anyway…hope you get some time this weekend.

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