It looks like I’ve been tagged as a “Thinking Blogger” by several people, including Jenna at Girl from Auntie, and Swapna. I’m flattered, also delighted to be food for thought for someone out there.

Although I don’t do memes, I’ll bend the rule and tag some other websites that make me think. But they’re not necessarily knitting blogs. Believe it or not, I don’t think about knitting all the time. Besides almost all of the knitting-related sites I would have tagged have been touched over the last month. That’s a basic problem with referential memes in special interest communities – they loop back on themselves quickly, like big ripples in a small pool.

  1. Things Magazine – Wandering compendium of fascinating links to explore. Most have a tie to architecture or art (but not all do). Some are departure points for contemplation, some are just plain neat. Others are immediately useful. Today’s for example has a link to an international dress size converter.
  2. Chocolate and Zucchini – What’s it like to be 20-something, food-smart with a participatory bent, an analytical mind, and living in Paris? Go through the archives here and melt with envy. The author has issued a cookbook, which is the first and only blog-related book I’ve ever bought.
  3. Bibliodyssey – This author combs through on-line libraries looking for masterpieces of illustration. What’s presented is a jumble of everything from Medieval manuscript illumination and incunabula, to early 20th century childrens’ books, with detours through academic illustration, Japanese and Chinese scrolls, natural history compendiums, Islamic calligraphy, and early mechanical drawings.

    And two knitting blogs that (to my knowledge) haven’t been tagged yet:

  4. Twosheep – June “DNA Scarf” Oshiro is playing in her garden right now, but when she turns to spinning and knitting, all sorts of explorations happen. If I ever pick up spinning, it will be her fault. As it is, I’m looking at worms differently this morning.
  5. TECHknitting – How-tos, presented by a far better illustrator, tech writer, and indexer than I’ll ever be.

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  1. Your site is a marvelous resource, and you very much deserve this honor! Your format is notable for ease of use and intuitive categories–obviously the result of a lot of time and thought. Thank you so very kindly for your big-hearted words about TECHknitting. This is a serious compliment coming from a site as comprehensive as yours.


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