As promised yesterday, pix of the Doodle Scarf – finished and visible on a light-color background:

doodle2-block1.jpg doodle2-block2.jpg doodle2-block3.jpg

The whole thing blocked out to be nine feet long, and point to point, about 17 inches across. I combined lace patterns from the Duchrow series (as described before), one edging and one insertion strip. I mitered the corners on the fly, not bothering to graph them out until after the fact. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out, and will probably keep this one for myself.

Duchrow.jpg duchrow-v2.jpg duchrow-v3.jpg

There’s some clear congruity to be seen among patterns in these books. Here are some other things I’ve done from insertions and edgings adapted from these books – another scarf and the big shawl from laceweight, and two baby blankets worked at DK gauge:

blacklace-2.jpg cashlace-finished.jpg

whiteblanket-done.jpg baby-blkt-done.jpg

(A couple of the edgings were cribbed from Heirloom Knitting). I seem to have taken my inspiration so far from the family of diamond-based patterns. There’s lots of other stuff in there, including some in-the-round pieces. I think it’s time to branch out and try some of the patterns based other motifs.

Is anyone else out there playing with the Duchrow books? Or combining other older or traditional patterns into original lacy pieces? Or might be interested if I were to issue some or all of these in a leaflet?

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  1. I would be very interested to see these issued in pamphlet or, even better, PDF form. DK

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