For those who have asked, the dragon panel pattern from the Siebmacher modelbook I regraphed for The New Carolingian Modelbook has been posted over at Bibliodyssey.

Apologies to anyone who wondered why this was posted three times.  I’ve had problems wrestling with the “post away from home” feature.


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  1. How in the world can I get a hold of this pattern!! Are people using the picture you posted on flickr? I can’t figure how I would make sense of it? I love love love this!!

    1. I’ve regraphed the dragon from the original source (link above in the text of this post), and published it in my book, The New Carolingian Modelbook (see books link at the top of the page). Right now the dragon and George are not available as a stand-alone freebie, but I may do that once my sequel, The Second Carolingian Modelbook comes out.

      1. Could I buy that pattern as a stand alone?

      2. Ok, upon further investigation I now understand what is going on here. Thank you for your response, your site is amazing! If I can get ahold of your book for less than $300 I’ll grab it

        1. What’s going on here is that TNCM’s publishers absconded shortly after the book came out. I have no idea where they went, and have had no replies from them to any queries since 1996. I received only about a year of royalties on the first 100 or so copies,in spite of the fact that the book went through two printings with an estimated total run of 3,000. New copies continue to trickle onto the market even today (they’re sold as used but mint). The new-copy seller has rebuffed my attempts to find the ultimate source.

          I still have hopes to either republish TNCM in its entirety, or to issue smaller leaflets containing its contents. Right now though, I’m working on finishing up a sequel. The Second Carolingian Modelbook (T2CM) will contain roughly 65 plates of entirely new material, fully sourced and attributed. Sorry for the wait, for those who have been eagerly looking for it. Life does get in the way and delay our best-laid plans.

    2. Just remembered! Kathryn Goodwyn provides her own version of the dragon pattern in her Renaissance German pattern collection, available as a free download at her Flowers of the Needle website: http://www.flowersoftheneedle.com/

      1. Wow, that is great thank you! I really hope that you can get your book republished, that is such a let down after all of your hard work.

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