Two steps forward, one step back.

A minor scuffle on the OpArt baby blanket. I had decided to finish it off after an 8 ridge yellow and 9 ridge green garter section. I knit away at my yellow, and was just at the beginning of my last knit row of yellow when I reached for my final skein of yellow yarn.

Unfortunately, I had miscalculated. Although I was sure I had equal numbers of yellow and green to begin with, and have used more green than yellow, there wasn’t another yellow to hand. A frantic stash hunt turned up no more. Since that last yellow stripe as-is would interrupt the vortex effect, for want of about 40 yards it had to go. As a result I am ripping out the final yellow band, and will finish out the blanket with a wide edge of either green (widening the existing green stripe), or screaming orange (using up all three remaining skeins of the stuff).


A caution to those working the thing. The ever increasing diameter and stripe length conspire to play havoc with one’s running estimate of yarn consumption. Those outer stripes eat a lot of yardage. Don’t be surprised if you run a tad short like me, if like me you throw caution to the winds and sub in a yarn of different gauge.

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