I’ve finished the baby blanket. In short, log cabin in a self striper or space dyed yarn with the strips worked sequentially around a center is an idea worth additional exploration.


Because this yarn is largely cotton with a lot of acrylic in it and very unstretchy, I won’t be blocking the thing. I’ll probably give it a quick gentle wash and pat dry just on principal (better to give a baby a clean present). I’ll doodle with a top down simple hat today. There’s only about half a skein left. I might be able to eke out a matching stockinette newborn cap with a rolled brim, to make this a home-from-hospital set.

I don’t particularly like the Batika in general. It’s not as soft as I hoped. While it’s not scratchy, I thought the result would be spongy, but the nylon binder bunches the chainette up and gives the yarn a crunchy rather than pillowy surface feel. It also breaks surprisingly easily. It’s a good thing I used the join method I did because I found that the tapestry needle’s eye broke the end strands when I was darning in. If you are going to knit with Batika, take special pains to avoid leaving ends in the middle of rows, and use a VERY large eyed needle when ending off.

In case someone else wants to duplicate my working method and play with this idea, a description of how to work the strips using long-loop joins is here, and the directions for the simple triangle edging are here.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. There seem to be some broken links in this post. The one for the “long-loop joins” was what I was looking for.

    1. Sorry about the inconvenience. Last year I moved the site – all 8+ years worth of posts – to a new blogging service. When I did that I broke the thousands of in-text links that referred folk among my own pages (links to outside still work, provided the owners of the target sites still maintain them). I don’t have the time or facility to go back and edit roughly 700 individual posts. But the info is not lost. You could have easily gotten to it by retrieving all of my posts on the modular blanket. All of the indexing links work fine. To save you the time of looking through those six posts, here’s a direct hop to the one that describes the working method and the long-loop joins. Again sorry and hope this helps.

      1. Thank you very much for that direct link! I had looked, but obviously not deeply enough. Maybe one day I’ll better understand computers.

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