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Blankets. Think small lap throws and baby blankets.

They’re super easy to do, a great way to try out new techniques, and are much appreciated gifts. Gauge is of little relevance other than being a data point in calculating general yarn consumption. If a blanket turns out an inch over or under target width, no one will notice.

Blankets of every size are useful. The smallest are great for use with baby baskets and carriers, and with car seats. Slightly larger, and they’re play or nap mats. Bigger still and they’re crib blankets (knitted blankets with their large airy, breathe through holes are far safer for babies than quilted or fleece throws). Even bigger and they remain in use through the toddler bed years. Older kids and adults appreciate a small lap blanket to ward off the evening’s chill while watching TV, reading, messing with the computer or doing homework.

I enjoy making small throws and blankets. I’ve done a ton, only a few of which I’ve managed to photograph. Some have been pieced together from smaller motifs:

morgan.jpg pinkblanket.jpg justin-big.jpg

brownblanket.jpg truro-12.jpg

Some are experiments in entrelac or modular knitting:

mod-13.jpg fuzzyblanket-2.jpg

Some are worked in one piece, either as a single width, or radially out from the center:

baby-blkt-done.jpg whiteblanket-done.jpg

yellowblanket-3.jpg opart-6.jpg

Of the items above the yellow/green swirl Knitty Op Art blanket and the Special Blauband multi-brown Kaleidoscope blanket are kit or on-line patterns, the rest are my own machinations.

The easiest and quickest to do in the bunch, and the type requiring the least finishing is the last type – the blankets knit in one single width. They look quite impressive, but are VERY simple to design and are excellent “first original project” opportunities. All you need is a sufficiency of yarn, one or more strip or panel type patterns, and second-grade level math skills.

I’ll walk through the process on the next new project – a lacy stitch baby blanket in mint green acrylic, with a knit-on edging. Watch this space!

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3 responses

  1. I never did finish the Mountain Laurel blanket that I started when pregnant last time – my daughter’s now three. I recently unearthed the WIP from deep in my stash. I’m also pregnant again – due in May – and it was somewhat unexpected. I think I may have to start making more hexes! I’m hoping that I knit more quickly these days and that that will help.

  2. I remember watching you knit a lot of these, strangely. 🙂

  3. Hi there,

    I found your blog while googling around about the Knitty OpArt pattern. The pattern’s knitting up just fine (after a few false starts trying to figure out how to knit with two circular needles, I just restarted the blanket on dpns and switched to a circular). I’m getting to the point where the blanket is getting bigger and was wondering if you knitted it on two circulars or managed to keep it all on one? Any suggestions for knitting with two circs? My brain just can’t wrap itself around it. Thanks, and cheers!

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