Life took a silly twist here at String this week. Younger daughter and her fifth grade class participated in an Egg Drop. That’s the now classic assignment of designing and building some sort of a container that will protect a raw egg when container and egg are tossed from the roof of the school. The kids worked on their designs over the school break week last week. Yesterday was launch day. Acclaim was given for mission accomplishment (the passenger egg remained unbroken after a three-story fall), and originality of design.

Younger daughter’s idea was to wrap her egg in a bit of bubble wrap for stability, then to embed the wrapped egg in a mass of balloons. When we went to the party store we found a bag of purple balloons on sale, a post-season discount along with other traditional Mardi Gras colors. She decided to make her balloon mass into a bunch of grapes. A very BIG bunch of grapes.

grapes.jpg grapes-2.jpg

She made the streamers from tissue paper, three sheets each cut in a spiral for maximum length without the extra weight of additional tape.

Getting the thing to school on a windy morning was a challenge. It filled the back of the van. But as I hear the effort was worth it. “The Grape Escape” had a successful launch, and fell from the third floor rooftop with majestic slowness, bouncing a couple of times on landing but remaining intact. The egg passenger was unharmed. If the school posts a video of the trial I’ll share the link. Younger daughter is quite pleased both with her project’s success and with its amusement value.

In knitting news, I continue on the entrelac sock and am now about halfway up the ankle. Minor disappointment in the Berroco Sock yarn I used, though. I’ve found six knots so far in the skein of color 1487 (browns/tans) that I’m using – one or two are a statistical aberration I can live with, but that many knots is a clear indication of quality control problems. By contrast the skein of #1425 (mixed turquoise black, red, orange, purple) was clean.

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3 responses

  1. Congratulations to her on her Grape Escape. I’ve heard of a number of clever successful designs on the egg drop problem, but hers is the prettiest!

  2. Congrats to Younger Daughter in the continuing run up to a career as a devious and brilliant engineer. Well, you know me and grape motifs!


  3. Kathy in S.B. | Reply

    Belated kudos to your daughter on this very amusing approach to egg protection. I’ve seen a lot of egg-drop experiments, but I’d have loved to see this one. The image of the gently floating bunch of grapes had me laughing out loud. I’m glad to hear the egg survived it’s elegant journey!

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