An uneventful birthday weekend, squandered on laundry, work, housecleaning, and more work. Sigh. Still I am of the opinion that if one doesn’t celebrate, then the event didn’t happen and the incremental addition to one’s age need not be acknowledged.

I also have to report a misfortune occurring in our wider circle. Long time readers here will remember that my kids adore Roads End Farm – a paradise on earth for horse-mad girls, run by the Woodman family for more than 35 years.

REF-kid3.jpg REF-kid1.jpg alex-ref-08.jpg

Elder Daughter spent about nine summers there, Younger Daughter has been there for three. Apparently over Memorial Day weekend there was a fire at the farm. No horses, humans or other critters were harmed, but the camp lost its dorm block and a storage barn just two weeks before the start of the early summer session. Roads End does not go down easy though. They are planning on rebuilding and as far as I know will be opening for the season, albeit with some improvisation on living arrangements. If you’re a REF alumna who has landed here, please consider writing a note of support and appreciation to Tom, Alicia and the whole REF family (address at link, above). They’ve worked hard to keep the magic in the place, and now could use a wave of our collective wands to ensure that it stays.

In knitting news, I continue on the green tablecloth. It’s big and getting bigger. Unfortunately, it’s not photogenic. Yet another blurry picture of a huge olive green snood is not going to be an edifying experience. So I soldier on, visually undocumented.

One thing we are looking forward to here at String is Elder Daughter’s high school graduation this weekend. Soon she’ll be off to the wide, wide world of college. Another knitter released to the wild.

A bittersweet week to be sure.

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