Knots are now finished.


It’s time for the larger framing strips across the bottom and on the left and right. I’m not sure what I will do. Left and right should balance in density and I’ll probably also work them them in the same color, but I haven’t decided on the actual designs yet. Ditto for the bottom. Lighter than the knots, perhaps as dense as the ribbon strip at the top. In terms of space, I’ve got free ground at the bottom that’s about 80% as wide as the ribbon strip, and space left and right that’s about 50% as wide as that strip. The bottom strip will be the same olive green as the top unit.

I’ll start by thumbing through TNCM and see if anything hits me. I’ll also look through my earlier hand-drawn booklet. Most of the patterns in there made it into TNCM, but there were several that on further investigation turned out to be too late, or of uncertain provenance. Since provenance doesn’t matter on this work, I may use one or more of them.

Or maybe I’ll finally graph up the indistinct large band that’s just above the red strawberries on Jane Bostocke’s sampler from 1598.

It’s also time to start contemplating finishing. In all probability I’ll back this with another fabric for stability, maybe with some kind of thin interfacing, then do the bars-top-and-bottom-with-a-hanging-string treatment. One small sticky hook should do for actual suspension on the wall. Framing would be too elaborate for dorm use. It can always be remounted down the road.

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  1. Hi, Kim! Nice to hear from someone else interested in the Woywod charts. I could have used the bit about the ragged-left-edge charts.

    ("…where the piece is increasing in diameter the knitter should work an increase into the first stitch on the wrong side row; and on "downhill rows" where the edging is narrowing, the first stitch on the wrong side row should be a k2tog.")

    As it was, once I counted stitches and realized they weren’t increasing or decreasing, I just fudged at the end of a row to make up or reduce the stitch count. I’m almost to the end of this chart.

    It’s . . . interesting. She was no Niebling, that’s for sure. But even the stuff that doesn’t work is instructive.

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