Where have I been? First swamped with work, then on my annual week at Cape Cod, then swamped with work again. Through it all I’ve kept stitching, although admittedly the vast majority of new stuff below was done on the beach in North Truro:


I finished the inhabited bit in the center, but decided not to stretch that strip left and right. Instead I did one repeat, put a new voided strip below (as yet unfinished), with the goal of stacking narrower simple double running stitch bands left and right of the center motif. The narrow band of red acorns is from my very first pamphlet on blackwork, which I produced in the SCA circa 1975 or so. The pomegranate under it is from TNCM, which was published in the mid-’90s.

I also knit on socks when the evening’s light grew to dim to stitch. My beach report and photos will follow. But as usual, I’m totally under the gun with work obligations here and have to run. Consider this a “drive-by blogging.”

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