If you follow here you know I do try to keep personal bits out of this blog, but my absence over the past two weeks was due to a family funeral. My mother’s husband passed away. He was an upright guy, an affectionate and attentive companion, an avid reader, splendid raconteur, bon vivant, and just fun to be around. He made her very happy for all too short a time, and will be sorely missed by our family and his.

In spite of being away, work has been progressing (ever so slowly) on my Clarke’s Law sampler. I finished the strawberry band, and started in on the narrow strip at the very bottom:



Apologies for the dark photos. It’s a dark morning. Click on either one for a more legible enlargement.

The design of the narrow black strip is based on a pattern published in Louisa Pesel’s Historical Designs for Embroidery, but I worked it outlined and voided instead of foreground stitched.

Knitters, be enheartened. I also started a pair of socks on the plane. I’m about half way through sock one, working Knitty’s Outside In by Janice Kang in a screaming russet – the orange favored by Elder Daughter. Who will be thrilled to read this post.

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  1. My condolences to you. I just wanted to say this piece is truly a work of art!

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