It’s been a while since I posted a whole-sampler shot of my Clarke’s Law piece:


As you can see, I’m on the last little bit of the final strip at the very bottom. I like this one (but I like all of them). I think it would be exquisite as a narrow edging band around cuffs and collar of a Renaissance era woman’s shift or man’s shirt, like those on these Veneto paintings circa 1502-1531.

Even with my anticipated workload this week I should be able to knock out that teensy bit by Thursday, latest. All that’s left after that is to fill in some of the shorter line ends with a bit of blackwork fillings; to sign the thing somewhere; and to finish it off with a black fabric mitered edge. Jury is still out on whether I’ll frame or scroll mount the thing for final display, but once it’s up my wall will be home to one of the universe’s ten most nerdy samplers.

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  1. I’ve only recently found your blog — I’d love it when you have the ‘grand finale’ moment for the completed sampler if you could recapitulate the project – inspiration etc. I love the design (is it yours?) and workwomanship.

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