Here’s the 12th page:


#69 is a new one, doodled up as I was working on #68. Very similar structure, but as you can see from the thumbnail, a very different distance “read.” These thumbnails are quite useful for evaluating the overall effect of a pattern when seen from far away. The rest on this page are either in my old booklet or graphed up from my blackwork underskirt.

I could keep going with these forever, but I sense that most folks have a more limited attention span. Right now I have 25 pages finished – that’s more than 150 individual patterns (some of the later pages feature more than one pattern in a square). I’m going to keep posting them one page a day until all 25 are up. Then I’ll release the booklet. In the mean time, I won’t be idle. My pattern drafting boot camp exercise has been very effective. I’ve now mastered the method and have moved on to work on my sequel to TNCM.

In other news – it’s cookie time here at String. Long time readers know that each December the kids and I bake 10 kinds of cookies. Today we started, with the improved-by-long-curing Bourbon cocoa cookies taking their traditional place as our kick-off. This year’s line up (subject to change at our collective whim) includes these standards:

  • Chocolate chip
  • Mexican wedding cakes
  • Peanut butter
  • Buffalo rum balls
  • Chocolate crinkles (aka Earthquakes)
  • Oysters (a hazelnut spritz/chocolate sandwich)
  • Decorated sugar cookie cut-outs
  • Gingersnaps

New this year, we go for a multicultural pair to round out the ten:

  • Benne Wafers – a sesame, brown sugar cookie loved in the Southern US
  • Koalcky – A Hungarian cream cheese/jam cake/cookie, sort of like a fold over rather than rolled Rugalach.

Oh. And Ms. Jean’s fudge.

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One response

  1. I will cherish each and every page that you produce 25 to 125.
    And Koalcky are so wonderful.
    The choices here are Old Fashioned Oatmeal, just like DH’s Mom used to make, Snickerdoodles For DD#1, Six layered cookies For DD#1, Jam Thumbprint cookies for all of us and I want to try a new Almond Poppy Seed tea cookie.

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