As you can see, the narrow scrolling border I used mirrored to fill in the empty area is only a few stitches shy of completion:

The eagle-eyed will note two small omissions I have to go back and complete. I blame working on the thing while watching a subtitled movie.

In other news, the PDF of the book of filling patterns is complete. I hope to post it here some time in the next week or so as I iron out some technical difficulties in posting a 10M file. I present the cover as a teaser:

Also – and just for fun – I present a pattern that did NOT make it into the filling book or the upcoming TNCM2. This one was done up as a silly present with several constituencies in mind – my eldest, who wanted more pirate skulls; a co-worker who cherishes the octopus as his totem beast; and my youngest, who has embarked on a world-wide quest for greater acceptance of “octopodes” as the proper plural when more than one cephalopod is sighted. (click on chart below for full size copy).

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5 responses

  1. That chart is amazing! I have very little experience with blackwork, but skulls and octopi are too inspiring to not try. 🙂

  2. Hastings Sanderson | Reply

    You just made my morning. That chart is adorable. I now need to make sleeves for an "Airship Privateer," Elizabethan Steampunk combo. I also have a friend or two who would love a bookmark using it. Thank you so much!

  3. That skull and octopus chart is fantastic. And I can’t wait to see this book pdf!

  4. I’m not much of a one for counted work, but that design looks a lot of fun.

    Now if only I knew an octopus-obsessed pirate….!

  5. […] Dancing Pirate Octopodes. The design that led to the crowdsourced project. (Also on the Embroidery Patterns tab) […]

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