Incremental progress here must be excruciatingly boring to read about. But undaunted, I continue to post:

You can see that I continue to work the current Y strip across the bottom of the piece.

Now one of the few remaining readers here has asked about the narrow slice left bare – indicated above by the yellow arrow. It’s not a mistake. It is an artifact of squaring out the repeats, but I intend to put it to good use. That will be the last little bit I stitch on the piece, and will be the spot where I sign or initial the work, along with a date of completion.

Still working on the graph for the next slice…

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2 responses

  1. Aw…not like watching paint dry…lol

    Are you sure that there aren’t many lurkers afoot? I didn’t catch that space. I was too busy admiring your stitching. : )


  2. When I have used a hoop in the past I have trouble with it crushing/stretching/distorting the work between the outter and inner hoop. I like my fabric REALLY tight but prefer a smaller hoop for portability at times. When I can I use a self correcting scroll frame, but a hoop is more convenient for size. How do you stop your hoop from smooshing your work but keep it tight enough to work? Also, how do you keep track of/keep clean the work on the rest of the fabric? I want to take blackwork to Faire, but I am terrified that the off white linen will end up stained because it flops into/trails over something.

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