A boring progress post today. I’m still filling in the upper right hand area, next to the dragon:

Three bands, about 60% of the height of the area filled. These patterns are all in TNCM2.

And speaking of upcoming books – I’ve been busy lending a hand to Long Time Needlework Pal Kathryn, helping her over some minor layout hassles as she readies her greatly spiffed up and recomposed Flowers of the Needle re-issue. I can’t break official silence to say when and where, but I can assure you that it’s going to be well worth the wait; and that I’ll be sure to post links to Kathryn’s site when it goes live.

In the mean time, off to bake pies and sterilize the house in preparation for the holiday.

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  1. It is amazing how quickly you can get this stuff done. It takes me forever to get a small amount done. I was impressed that I got about 4 inches one direction done on a napkin border done last night, lol….

  2. Okay sorry for the second post but I created a blog so that you could see the napkin with the lion and maybe comment on current projects I am working on. The title is Isobelle’s Stitches and here is the link:
    I am way behind on my generation and have totally been absent from social networking sites and blogs and such so this will be interesting, lol….

  3. <… helping her over some minor layout hassles as she readies her greatly spiffed up and recomposed "Flowers of the Needle"

    You call that "minor layout hassles? Egad. You are being the most wonderful Enabler I’ve ever had!


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