I’m delighted to announce that my Long Time Needlework Pal Kathryn, aka Mistress Kathryn Goodwyn, OL (Kathryn Newell) has released her labor of love. She’s been working on re-issuing her Flowers of the Needle collection – reprints of seven historical embroidery pattern books from the 1500s. After years of labor, retouching the originals that made up her initial publication – she is done, and the series is ready. You can enjoy it here:


She has also reposted her German Renaissance embroidery book reproduction, and her treatise on voided style embroidery, known in its modern form as “Assisi Work.”

Best of all – she’s releasing all of her documents as free downloads. Pop on over there and be amazed at Kathryn’s diligence and bounty! You’ll find ample materials there for all sorts of historical embroidery and lace styles, plus lots of inspiration for modern reinterpretation in knitting, filet crochet, or other crafts.

Now we’ll all have to join her in her standard litany – “Too many centuries, too little time!”

Yaay, Kathryn!

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  1. It is definately worth checking out, it helped snap me out of my ennui (grin) that I had been getting in with my project. I downloaded them on my laptop on a stormy night in which I lost power mere minutes after finishing the download. Yay laptop battery, it helped to keep me entertained for the two hours that the power was out.

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